From Orange Peel Theory to Dorito Theory: Bizarre trends to test a relationship | The Times of India


Proposed by a Twitter account named @alpharivelino, the Green Line Theory is a way to determine if a relationship will last or not. According to it, one needs to first take a couple’s picture together and by drawing a green line check whether they are leaning in towards each other or standing straight. As per the Green Line Theory, if both partners are standing straight then it is a sign of a long-lasting relationship; if the woman is leaning-in it shows that she is more emotionally dependent on the man and the relationship might last; however, if the man is is leaning-in more, it means he is emotionally depending on the woman more and the relationship might not last.

However, relationship experts don’t agree with this theory. Sharing her views, relationship expert Dr Rachna Khanna Singh told TOI, “This is not a valid theory. Your partner leaning onto you doesn’t make them weak. Today, we talk about equality in a relationship, and women encourage men to express emotions. Photographs, especially of celebrities, are not always natural. Body language can indicate the quality of a relationship, but a single photograph isn’t enough.”


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