Here are 10 best US jobs in 2024


A representational picture of a job market. — Pixabay
A representational picture of a job market. — Pixabay

The US News has announced its top ten jobs for Americans in 2024.

If you’re either looking for a job in the United States or hoping to move there then this list is for you.

The list reflects a changing job market, with the healthcare and business sectors dominating the list.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the US job market will see an addition of approximately 4.7 million jobs until 2032.

Reports show that an ageing population and a rise in chronic illnesses have increased the demand for the health sector. 

The uptick in the professional, scientific, and technical services sectors may stem from increasing demand for information technology products and services.

Speech-language pathologist (SLP)

SLPs, frequently referred to as therapists, are in charge of training, assisting, and facilitating those with speech or swallowing difficulties.


Actuaries assess different risk factors, such as accidents, medical problems, and retirement, and how they relate to company benefits.

Data scientists

They turn data insights into action by collaborating with analysts and companies.

Information security analyst

Information security analysts protect information through their knowledge of firewalls, software, and computer security.

Medical and health services manager

They handle the business side of the healthcare community, such as by planning, coordinating, and managing the daily activities of care facilities and public health centres.

Physician assistant

Physician assistants assess, diagnose, and treat patients using their medical knowledge.

Information technology manager

An IT manager is in charge of the technological components of a business’s operations and project objectives about information systems.

Software developer

Software developers are responsible for bridging the gap between creative ideas and practical technologies through their computer know-how, coding skills, and ability to optimise software for a user.

Financial managers

They are responsible for the financial health of an organisation. They create financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop plans for the long-term financial goals of their organisation.

Nurse practitioners

These are hands-on members of the healthcare field, with responsibilities that range from diagnosing illnesses to managing medical equipment.


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