Kate Middleton honoured for her great gesture as she returns to health


Kate Middleton recovers from successful planned abdominal surgery
Kate Middleton recovers from ‘successful’ planned abdominal surgery

A renowned jewellery brand has paid a special tribute to Kate Middleton by launching a new pair of earrings named after the Princess of Wales for her touching gesture.

Kate’s decision to wear £25.50 “Issy Star” charity earrings on last year’s World Mental Health Awareness Day helped the brand raise over £10,000 for the charity, Brave Mind.

The new stunning earrings are called “The Catherine”, and they combine a 14k gold-plated or silver hoop with delicate blush pink glass beads. 

Princess Kate, who’s recovering after successful abdominal surgery, also boosted the business of the company by valuing the jewels.

The earrings, as per announcement by the EarSass X account on Monday, were an immediate hit and sold out in under two hours. Their description reads: “We wanted to honour HRH Princess Catherine with her very own pair of EarSass.”

The owners of the brand lavished praise at the Princess, saying: “We are so grateful for how she has helped us to raise thousands for Brave Mind through wearing our Issy Star earrings and we will be eternally grateful. She is not only the future Queen but also a devoted mother and fashion icon.

“These small glass beaded hoops are unique, beautifully elegant and timeless – just like the princess. These earrings would make the perfect gift for any devoted mother, wife, sister, best friend or absolutely anyone special in your life.”

The earrings were gifted to the royal by Sarah Renton, whose daughter Issy Phipps tragically took her own life in 2023. Renton is the Maidenhead Rugby Club coach, and she met Kate in June 2023 when the royal visited the rugby club.

Issy’s cousin, Sophie McGown, founded the jewellery brand EarSass in 2020 as a lockdown project, and names all her earring designs after inspirational and influential people in her life.


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