Kelly Rowland’s ‘Today’ departure linked to uncomfortable Beyoncé queries


Kelly Rowlands Walk-off from Today stemmed from Beyoncé interrogation, not rider requests.
Kelly Rowland’s Walk-off from ‘Today’ stemmed from Beyoncé interrogation, not rider requests.

Kelly Rowland’s abrupt departure from Today last Thursday has been revealed to be a response to questioning by Savannah Guthrie regarding Beyoncé, rather than concerns over her dressing room, according to insights obtained by TheWrap. 

Initial reports suggested Rowland’s exit was due to dissatisfaction with her dressing room conditions, leading Hoda Kotb to hastily find a replacement co-anchor, with Rita Ora stepping in. 

However, a source familiar with the matter disclosed to TheWrap that Rowland felt offended by Guthrie’s persistent and forceful inquiries about Beyoncé, which ultimately prompted her walk-off.

According to a source close to Kelly, the narrative surrounding her dissatisfaction with the dressing room doesn’t hold weight as she’s appeared on the  show multiple times and is familiar with the setup. 

The source emphasized that she’s upset stemmed from Savannah Guthrie’s aggressive questioning about the Crazy in Love singer, which she and her team perceived as disrespectful. 

During the Thursday interview, Guthrie asked Rowland about her thoughts on Beyoncé, to which Rowland responded with praise, stating she was proud of her.

Despite her repeated affirmation, she continued probing about Beyoncé’s new country project, Act II.

Rowland has an agreement in place before interviews that excludes questions about Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, as she desires to move past that chapter of her career.

Today typically does not adhere to pre-determined restrictions on interview topics.


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