Peter Straughan adopts new feature based on Shakespearean Legacy

‘Frank’ writer, Peter Straughan travels back to early 17th century England as he is set to bring the story of Shakespeare’s first folio to life

Peter Straughan adopts new feature based on Shakespearean Legacy

Award-winning writer Pete­r Straughan, known for his great work in show business is starting a new project, covering an unseen aspect of Shakespear’s legacy.

The famous writer is e­xploring Shakespeare’s first folio, the­ first bunch of Shakespeare’s plays e­ver printed with Bonafide Films and Runaway Fridge­ Productions, in association with Film4. The film will navigate the journey of Shakespeare’s friends and explore themes of friendship, legacy, and a battle to keep the great work alive.

Folio is inspired by the true tale of John Heminges and Henry Condell, actors and Shakespeare’s former Kings Men colleagues, who embark on a journey to compile their friend’s work.

Straughan along with David Lightbody, worked on this project to bring the efforts of these unsung heroes to light as Margery Bone of Bonafide Film expressed, “To work with Peter and the Lightbody brothers on this script about the story of these little-known literary heroes is a real coup.”

“Everybody knows of Shakespeare but very few know of Heminges and Condell, and yet they’re the reason that we are able to enjoy many of his plays over 400 years later – it feels good to give them the spotlight they so rightly deserve.”, she added.

The announcement of Peter Straughan working on Folio has built anticipation among fans, eagerly waiting for further details on the project. With the production progress and release date yet to be announced, Shakespereans are looking forward to transcending time to reflect on the story of preserved legacy.  

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