Piglet finds new home after rescuer said he was tossed like a football at a Mardi Gras celebration


At a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, three men tossed around what looked like a football — but was a baby pig, according to a bystander. Fortunately, the witness was able to rescue the animal from the situation and now the pig has a new home.

The alleged incident occurred in a park not far from a Mardi Gras parade earlier this month, according to the Humane Society of Louisiana. “The rowdiness, endless parades, and party-like atmosphere often lend themselves to questionable behavior – like how three grown men behaved a few days ago,” the organization’s Executive Director Jeff Dorson posted on Facebook on Monday. 

After realizing the men were not throwing a Nerf football, but a small pig, the unidentified bystander “approached the men and asked for custody of the terrified piglet,” Dorson said. They consented and the man and a friend helped get the “frightened” pig to the Humane Society. 

The pig was screened at a local animal hospital and a vet tech there decided to foster him, naming him Piglet. 

At a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, three men tossed around what looked like a football. Turns out, it was a baby pig, according to a bystander. He was rescued, named Piglet, and now has a new home.

Humane Society of Louisiana

“Let’s also be grateful that this courageous bystander stood up for Piglet. It’s a good reminder for all of us to speak up whenever needed,” Dorson wrote.

Piglet gained attention online and the Human Society began a fundraiser – selling “digital kisses” for him. So far, they’ve raised $1,600 and the proceeds will support the Humane Society in the state.

The organization said dozens of people expressed interested in adopting Piglet, but they decided he will go to State Rep. Lauren Ventrella, who owns and operates her own private farm sanctuary. “How’s that for a happy ending,” Dorson wrote in a post on Tuesday.

CBS News has reached out to the Humane Society of Louisiana, Dorson and Ventrella as well as local police for further information about the incident.


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