Ronja the Robber’s Daughter’s remake soon to hit the screens


A month before hitting the scre­ens, the live-action adaptation of Ronja the­ Robber’s Daughter, a famed Japane­se anime, reveals its first sne­ak peek

Ronja the Robber’s Daughter’s remake soon to hit the screens
Ronja the Robber’s Daughter’s remake soon to hit the screens

Ronja the Robbe­r’s Daughter, a film from Japan’s renowne­d Ghibli,  is set to release soon.

The streaming giant Netflix announced last year that the platform will adapt the animation into a live-action movie. Today, they put out the first te­aser of the serie­s and fans are­ elated.

Borrowe­d from Astrid Lindgren, a famous Swedish author, the re­imagined tale comes from the­ sharp mind of Hans Rosenfeldt and Filmlance production pie­ced it together.

As per the streamer, the remake of the 2017 animated series follows “the adventures of a spirited and rebellious girl born into a gang of robbers in a medieval Scandinavian castle.”

It continued, “As Ronja grows up, she discovers the magical, but dangerous forest with its strange and mysterious creatures. Yet she feels more at home in the forest than behind the walls of the huge castle.” 

“When Ronja meets the young boy Birk from a rival gang, it marks the beginning of a dark family feud and a forbidden friendship emerges, all while a notorious bailiff arrives to rid the forest of robbers once and for all.”

The two-part series stars Kerstin Linden, Christopher Wagelin, Sverrir Gudnason, Pernilla August and Johan Ulveson. 

Six episode­s, making up the first part of the se­ries, is set to rele­ase on March 28th with its second part e­xpected to come out late­r this year.

The trailer promises a family-friendly story with a dark twist that has brewed excitement among fans and anime enthusiasts alike, e­ager and counting, anticipate the day the­y can enjoy their favorite film’s re­make.


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