Rotten Tomatoes winner ‘A Killer Paradox’ dominates weekly charts


A Killer Paradox made its way to the top of Netflix’s weekly chart as a non-English TV series.

According to The Korea Times, the global streaming services confirmed on Wednesday that the Korean original series has netted the number one spot on the charts.

The crime thriller series has amassed a whopping 5.5 million views, a score summed up during the period from February 12 to 18.

The show that premiered on February 9 also soared high on 43 of the top 10 regional charts for television, including Korea, Canada, Australia, France, Hong Kong, and Canada.

In addition to that, A Killer Paradox has bagged a 100 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes with a slew of fresh reviews. 

David Opie from Radio Times said, “Tighter focus and keener sense of the message behind this conceit could have elevated the series more, but states that there’s still tons of fun to be had when it comes to Killer’s sheer ambition, not to mention the wish fulfilment of it all.”

The eight episodic drama revolves around three individuals, including Choi Woo-Shik, portraying the student-turned-vigilante Lee Tang.

Along with Tang, the plot follows a relentless detective, Jang Nan-gam, played by My Liberation Notes star Son Suk-ku and a mysterious ex-detective-turned-killer Song Chon, whose role was claimed by Band Land Hunters actor Lee Hee-Joon.

The series adapted from Kkomabi’s Naver webtoon of the same name featured Jang and Song on Lee’s trail for their distinct reasons.

Filmed in Daejeon, South Korea, the action detective fiction starring the Parasite star also featured Jo Seok-hyeon, Jung Yi-seo and Hyun Bong-sik. 


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