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Korean cuisine is widely known for its exotic drinks but one of the things that is often overlooked is the nutrients they possess that work wonders for people trying to get rid of stubborn and excess fat in their body.

The Korean culture highly values healthy eating and discipline. It has a range of nutritious beverages that taste delicious and can help you achieve your ideal physique in a jiffy.

From a wide range of refreshing teas, here are five Korean drinks you can try to shed your belly fat.

Barley tea

The well-known barley tea ranks first on our list.

This hot beverage is one of the widely consumed beverages in Korea, frequently being used as a replacement for regular water. It is free of calories and a fantastic substitute for sugar-filled beverages.

This healthy Korean beverage works as a great alternative to coffee.


Though it is not Korean, kombucha has become very popular in Korea.

This fermented tea features a high probiotic content that gives you a healthy gut, ultimately giving you better digestion and metabolism, which may help with weight management.

Omija Cha (Five-Flavour Berry Tea)

The five-flavour berry, which has a distinct taste profile of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent, is used to make amija tea.

It is believed to have detoxifying properties and can be consumed as a varied and balanced diet.

Yuja Tea

Yuja tea, which is made from Yuja (citron) fruit, is well-known for its high vitamin C content and its effects on metabolism.

While it might not aid in weight loss directly, it will help you maintain a well-balanced diet.

Rose Tea

Rose tea, sometimes referred to as Gulcha, is a delicious Korean beverage that may help with weight loss.

Made with a combination of rose petals and saffron, it has a high flavonoid and vitamin C content that boosts the immune system.

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