Work Life Balance: Countries where it is illegal for bosses to disturb employees after work hours


While it is still a long way to go for such laws to be implemented in India, employees having the right to disconnect does seem an intriguing idea. Sharing her views on it, Mansi Poddar, Trauma Sensitive Psychotherapist, told us, “The problem with India is that even though most people understand the value of disconnection, very few follow boundaries and respect people after hours. The nature of work has become 24/7 due to availability on WhatsApp and email. People will message on personal Instagram if they aren’t responded to. Most employees claim that this pressure and consistent boundary violation is more stressful than actually doing the work. They feel judged and often complain they are “passively punished” for not being available. Many are at the receiving end of jibes, low performance reviews, etc. It is important for companies to institute proper guidelines for after hour communication. Burnout is often the result of toxic work environments and unfair pressures.”

On being asked how employees can do to avoid burnout at work, she further told us, “If one can, they should separate work and personal phones and make it clear that they will not engage post a certain hour unless they deem fit. But again, an individual can only do so much since most employees are afraid they will be let go if they make too many “demands” this has to be instituted at a company level and employees protection must be at the forefront of such policies.”


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