Best Loan Apps In Pakistan 2022

Best loan apps in Pakistan: Are you financially disturbed or do you need money to start your own business if yes then in this article we tell you about the Top 5 Loan Apps in Pakistan 2022 today we discuss those loan applications which provide you an instant loan.

You know that you can get a loan from a bank but there are too many requirements to get a loan from a bank that’s why these loan applications give you an instant loan by uploading on your document.

Top 5 Loan Apps in Pakistan

Let’s know about the top 5 loan apps in Pakistan and how to get a loan in Pakistan, document requirements, and if you don’t pay your loan then what action will be taken by your loan-providing service company you can find this question answered in this article.

Barwaqt loan

Barwaqt loan apps is a private loan lender in Pakistan which provides you instant loan services in Pakistan by only providing your CNIC document you can get a minimum loan of 1500rs to 50000rs.

You don’t need to go anywhere to get the loan you will receive your loan in Easypaisa. These applications provide you with loan services to give you some financial support and when your financial position gets good return it back.

Easy loan

EasyLoan apps is a fast and easy online loan app in Pakistan. It is a consultative mobile credit cash loan app in the financial category. customers can apply for a loan at any time, anywhere, and apply for credit loans of up to Rs. 50,000.

Customers are required to file a personal complaint. Document submission and you need to add your payment method where you receive your digital loan in Pakistan and in return you want to repay your loan with the same payment, method.


If you are a Telenor user then you know about Easypaisa a digital wallet in Pakistan which provides you services to send your payment in Pakistan on any bank for free you can also top-up your account and save money in your Easypaisa wallet.

Remember that the loan services of Easypaisa are only available for their user which are using Easypaisa in their daily life and doing more transactions so if you need money urgently in Pakistan then you can check your eligibility in Easypaisa for the loan.


JazzCash is the most trusted wallet in Pakistan which is used by millions of customers if you are using jazz cash then you can check your eligibility to get a loan and then apply for a loan from 1000rs to 10000rs.

NOTE: Eaypaisa and jazz cash accounts can now create on any sim card but if you want to get the loan then you need to create an account on the same loan provider network services sim card. some people don’t get loans from Easypaisa or JazzCash because first, you need to use your Easypaisa or jazz cash account and after using some months you are eligible to get a loan.

HBL personal loan

HBL is a bank in Pakistan named Habib bank limited where you can create your account it can also allow people to apply for a personal loan to start their business or for their personal use you can get loans from 1000rs to 100000rs.

You just only need to fill in some information and then select your source of income and how much time you need to repay your loan 12 months or 24 months.

Interest on loans

Barwaqt loan: Monthly interest rate: 24%/12 = 2%
Easy loan: Yearly loan interset10.95%
Easypaisa: 10% – 20% for 30 days
JazzCash: 5% per week
HBL: 10% – 15% for 30 days

Document requirement to get an instant loan in Pakistan

All of these loan services expect bank loans the requirement of documentation is the same follow the steps given below to get verified your document and get an instant loan.

  • Install loan application
  • Select your loan plan
  • Upload document
  • CNIC front pic
  • CNIC back pic

It can take some time to get verified your document make sure to upload your document clearly it can help your loan-providing services to respond fast to your request after getting approved your document you get a loan in your Easypaisa account.

NOTE: This information is for educational purposes only if you want a loan then you need to give the loan company your personal information but I recommend you first check the company’s full details and then apply for a loan.

What happens if I don’t pay the loan?

Many people think that if they cant pay loans in Pakistan on any online loan application then they will be safe but that’s not true all of the loan provider apps are registered in the SBP state bank of Pakistan.

first of all, if you don’t pay the loan apps you will face penalty interest on your loan for one month and if you still do not pay then legal action can be taken by the loan provider also your name will be going on the defaulter list and you cant get a loan from any bank in future.


There are many other online urgent loan apps in Pakistan but above I tell you the top 5 best loan apps in Pakistan where you get the loan on low interest and get paid instantly only on your CNIC make sure to follow this website so if we find some new loan giving apps in Pakistan we will update this article.

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