Free Online Courses In Pakistan 2022

Free online courses in Pakistan: In 2022 the people who have any technical skill is the most successful people in 2022 that’s why the demand for the skill has been increased people are learning skills in institutions and academy. if you want to learn a technical skill in Pakistan then you need to pay a higher amount of fee but in 2022 you can find many government-free online courses with certificates that you will learn today.

If you are a student and you can’t pay to learn skills online in Pakistan then in this article you can find the free online courses in Pakistan with certificates and if you learn these skills then your chance of being successful has been increased because all of the courses are technical and most demandable courses in Pakistan and worldwide.

Free online courses in Pakistan 2022

Below I am going to tell you some websites where you can learn skills and do free online courses with certificates and without certificates, you can also choose the skill you want to learn all of them are computer-based technical skills.  we also tell you to learn some most demandable skills we recommend you invest your time today to secure your future.

DigiSkill Pakistan

Digi skill is the number 1 Pakistan online industry that is popular worldwide. digiskill is an online training program where millions of students are learning technical computer skills and doing online courses with certificates for free.

you can know the popularity of digiskill by seeing this there are almost 2.7 + million people enrolment on different online courses and their batch-02 enrollment students are 250kyou can also enroll in any of the courses you want to choose below you can find some popular courses that you can learn on digiskill.

  • Freelancing
  • E-Commerce Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Digital Literacy
  • QuickBooks
  • AutoCAD
  • WordPress
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Writing

All of these courses are 100% free online courses in Pakistan in Urdu languages. when you complete the course you get certificates from digiskill the benefit of these courses is that women can learn these skills at home with digiskill free online courses in Pakistan.


Udemy is a popular online courses website where you can get paid and some free courses. in udemy you can find 185,000 videos on online courses with new publishers every month. you can find many popular courses on udemy which you can buy for as low as $12 USD below you can find some popular courses which are paid and free.

  • Python
  • Excel
  • Web development
  • JavaScript
  • Data science
  • AWS certificated
  • Drawing

All of these courses are paid and free if you have a budget then you can buy any of the courses you want but if you don’t have then you can do free courses online in Pakistan technical courses are very costly. if you want to learn digital marketing in Pakistan then you need to pay at least 40,000rs to do 3 months of course. that is why in udemy you can get these promotional courses at a low price.

Harvard university online courses

This is the biggest chance for Pakistanis to learn skills and do online courses in Pakistan and get certified by Harvard University. in the official website of Harvard university you can learn professional and lifelong learning and Harvard University offers you the most popular courses which are almost $900 to $950 but it can offers you to all of the courses for free.

  • Programming
  • Business
  • Health and medical
  • Computer science
  • Humanities
  • Social science

When you visit the official website of Harvard university online free courses you can find many other courses you can choose the courses which you want to do online and after completing the course you can get certificates from Harvard University in Pakistan.

Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences

PICS is a project and website project of the Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences which can offer you to learn computer skills and technical skills with certificates and diploma courses if you do any online courses with certificates free in Pakistan from this website then you can get certified by the government of Pakistan.

  • Computer Operator/Office Assistant
  • Web Designing
  • Database & Web Page Basics
  • Computer Operator
  • Server Configuration

You can find all of the courses which are free and paid you can check all of the courses on the official website of the Pakistan Institute of Computer Sciences.

Google digital garage

Google digital garage is the most powerful platform by google. where you can learn many digital skills for free and you can grow your carrier or business with an online digital skill. you can also learn the online short courses in Pakistan with the help of google digital garage.

  • Digital marketing
  • Basic of code
  • Business communication
  • Effective networking
  • Speaking in public

You also find many other free courses with certificates all of these courses take time to learn is 2 hours to 20 hours in this time you can learn the course and in the completion of the course, you will be rewarded by certification by Google.

NOTE: All of the courses mentioned in this article are free and paid we are not promoting these courses we research on the internet and find some websites which are giving free courses and paid. we will update this article when we find new free course websites.

All of the information is written for educational purposes only we always recommend you to learn courses in a good institution or academy and learn that skill where you have an interest. if you don’t have a budget then you can learn from this website for free.


Learning a skill in Pakistan is not easy because the professional skills academy has a big amount of fee to do online courses in Pakistan but skill is very important so what to do in that cause some websites provide you free online courses which you can start without any fee in this article I will mention the top 5 free online courses in Pakistan websites where you can do online courses and get certified.

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