Google AdSense Approval Trick For WordPress 2022

Google Adsense approval trick: Creating a blog in 2022 is very easy but getting AdSense approval is very tough because google is day by day updating its terms that’s why new bloggers will face Adsense issues while getting AdSense approval.

But you don’t need to worry because in this article I am going to tell you to google Adsense approval trick which you can follow in 2022 and get your website or blog approved by Adsense. read the article to the end so you can know the eligibility requirement for AdSense.

Google Adsense approval trick 2022

You can find many videos on the internet which can tell you about Adsense approval but in this article, all of the information about the AdSense approval trick is applied by ourselves and if anyone wants to get Adsense approval on their BlogSpot or WordPress then they should follow the steps mention below.

Top-level domain (TLD)

A top-level domain is not the requirement to get AdSense approval because in our search we see websites that are using a free domain like but remember that in 2022 you should say that a top-level domain is the first requirement to get google AdSense approval fast. you can go with .com, .in, .org and .net.

These domains are the most usable and secure domains all over the world so if you use one of the domains mentioned above then you can increase your chances to get google AdSense approval.

Select niche

Select a low competition niche that will be easy to rank on google and also which doesn’t violate google terms. you can go with educational niche, news, technology, or others. niche like hacking and cracking will not be approved by google.

Choose blogging platform

There is two most popular blogging platform where you can start your blog and that is WordPress and blogger both are very popular. if you have a budget then you can go with WordPress you can also find many other helpful tools, and plugins that are not available in blogger, and if you don’t have to host then you can start with blogger it is 100% free.

Create pages

After creating a website customize them and create important pages on your blog these pages are very important to get google AdSense approval. creat about us, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer page to get approved.

Use responsive theme

The look of the website is very important so I recommend you to use a responsive template for your blog in WordPress you can find many free themes and in blogger, you can also find free templates but that is not good you can get blogger templates for free.

Write articles

This is the most important step to getting google AdSense approval. Sometimes people will create their blog write 5 or 6 posts and apply for Adsense and when Adsense replies they will get a low-value content error.

You need to remember that Google will approve our website if our content is unique and valuable because advertisers don’t pay Google to show their ads on low-value content websites.

Write at least 25 articles which are almost around 1000+ words. this is not in the google requirement but when google sees valuable content on your site then they will definitely approve your website.

Add your site to the webmaster

In the last step add your website to the google webmaster tool search console and bing webmaster tool so search engines know about your website and then they will index your article and after indexing, you will get organic traffic from google.

NOTE: You can take your time up to 1 month so you can complete all the google Adsense requirements. after completing the last step you can apply for Adsense it can take up 2 weeks in some cases but if you are lucky you can get the answer in hours and congratulation your website is approved by Google Adsense.


By following the steps which are mentioned in this article you can get Adsense approval on both blogger and WordPress. I hope you can understand and know about the Google Adsense approval trick. all of the bloggers are following the same trick to get approved their website by Adsense and in last if you find this article helpful then show some love by sharing it.

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