How To Become A Freelancer With No Experience

In 2022 every one wants to become a freelancer and maximum people want to start freelancing but most people get failed because they don’t know how to start freelancing with no experience. getting a freelancer is somehow easy but all you have to do is to follow the right technique which you can learn in this article.

If you are interested to become a freelancer or you want to know how to get freelancing jobs then read this article to the end we will tell you all the information about how to become a successful freelancer as a student beginner full guide.

How to start freelancing for beginners

Starting freelancing is very easy but getting a client is a hard job while becoming freelancer if you are a student and you really want to start freelancing to get your client fast then here is my guide to becoming a freelancer for beginners.

Get started with a skill

Skill is the first and main step to becoming a freelancer if you have any technical skills then that’s good but if you don’t have then you need to learn these top 10 freelancing skills which you can learn and start your freelancing journey. below you can find some skills which are still getting popularity in online work like freelancing.

  • Graphic design
  • Programming
  • App development
  • Video editing
  • SEO

These skills are high-demandable skills in the future so if you want to save your future as a freelancer or entrepreneur then you can go with any technical skill you want.

Start a website

If you are doing any online work then I recommend you to create your own blog it will help you to tell people about your skill and which kind of services are you providing so start your blog now and when you provide some new services about freelancing write an article and tell people it can help you to get the clients from your blog website.

If you have a website then it could look more professional to your customers one thing you remember when you create a website then don’t go with a free domain also go with a Top-level domain on WordPress you can find many features and plugins on WordPress which can help you to look your website more professional.

Look on freelancing websites

After following the all steps above find freelancing websites where you want to give services choose some websites and create your account where you can go with the most popular freelancing websites fiver, Upwork,, etc.

You can create your free account on these websites you can choose one or start using multiple websites after setting up your profile another great way to let other people know about what you do make is by adding some samples about your services.

Offer free services

At the beginning of your freelancing business, I suggest you start providing your services for half money the other charges this is the best way to get more clients in the beginning.

when you got a good rating and you think that you have many clients then you can increase your charges also give your client good services and respond fast on their massages it can make a good user impression.

Build social media

In the beginning, freelancers don’t know where to get clients so in that condition social media plays a good role to get your client and tell your services to the world so start creating your account on different social media platforms.

Create a page on Facebook update them daily also use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest the most important social media platform for freelancers is LinkedIn you can also find many jobs on LinkedIn if you have one then you can apply otherwise you can start providing your own services on Linkedin.

NOTE: By following all the steps you can easily become a freelancer in 30 days you can find many changes in your freelancing journey you just only need to work with consistency.


All the information about freelancing or how to start freelancing as a student in beginning is available in this article we are providing this information from proper research on a specific topic and from our experience if you like so share it with your friends.

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