How To Create Nayapay Account In Pakistan

Nayapay is the fastest growing online payment network in Pakistan we give you all the details about what is nayapay. nayapay accounts features and benefits and what is the difference between the nayapay app and other payment networks in Pakistan?

Before getting deep into your interest we will tell you that If you create a nayapay account then you can get a free visa debit card without any charges in Pakistan and you can purchase all over the world. you can also make payments for your gaming stuff, and online shopping without having any bank account.

What is nayapay Pakistan?

Nayapay is the fastest-growing online payment network in Pakistan. you can easily create an account on nayapay and send payments to your friends and family without any additional fee or bank account.

If you create a nayapay account and verify then you can get a free visa debit card from nayapay which is also workable for nayapay international transactions in Pakistan. you can also find many features in the nayapay account which are not available in other online payment platforms in Pakistan.

let’s talk about Naya pay features but first, let’s know more about nayapay it is trusted or not, and who is the founder of the nayapay platform. all of the detail about nayapay we will research and provide you in this article so make sure to read this article to the end.

Who is the nayapay Owner?

Nayapay is an online platform that can allow you to send and receive money to your friends and people from all over the world you will happy to know that nayapay founder is Pakistani nayapay CEO and founder’s name is Danish Lakhani.

Nayapay is a trusted network you can trust on nayapay this company is registered in Pakistan. in 2022 nayapay is the most secured and trusted online electronic money transfer platform in Pakistan.

Nayapay also secures the largest amount of 13 million in seeds all over South Asia nayapay has also registered in the state bank Pakistan nayapay has commercial approval from SBOP to operate the first electronic money platform in Pakistan.

Nayapay Vs Sadapay and other EMI

Sadapay is also a good platform but nayapay is much better than sadaypay and other Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) like Easypaisa, jazz cash, zong pay max, upaisa, etc.

Yes this is true we use all these platforms but in nayapay, we find extra features and the most advanced feature of nayapay is they are giving visa debit cards which are accepting international payments worldwide after this application you will know the value of nayapay.

Jazz cash and Easypaisa are still giving MasterCard but you can only make payments in Pakistan so with the international payment debit card feature by nayapay will still be no 1 Electronic Money institution in Pakistan.

Below you can find the information on the nayapay app benefits after knowing this information we will talk about how we can create an account on nayapay by using the latest version of the nayapay app.

Nayapay debit card benefits

Nayapay offers you to get a visa debit card when you create and approve your account on the nayapay app. if you need a visa debit card then you can get it for free just give tell nayapay your address and in 1 or 2 days you will receive a nayapay debit card without any charges for free.

You can also find a virtual card option in the nayapay app which you can use to pay your bills, make international transactions, make payments on foods, groceries, and online shopping without any extra charges you can freeze your nayapay debit card if you want.

Top-up mobile recharge

If you are out of recharge on your mobile then you don’t need to go to the shop. use your nayapay account and top up your mobile account from the nayapay app allows you to top up in zong, Telenor, Jazz, and Ufone.

Quick pay feature

The quick pay feature is also available in nayapay with the help of quick pay you can shop from anywhere in Pakistan and pay via quick pay if the shop owner accepts nayapay payment then you will see a nayapay QR code scanner on the counter select your payment and pay with quick pay.

Pay bill with nayapay

Now you can pay your electricity, utility, and gas bills, internet bills education fees, cables, and water bills you can pay bills in your home with the help of the nayapay app.

Discover merchant

This option is available only in the nayapay account you can discover merchants which are accepting nayapay payments after clicking the discover merchant option you can get all the shops that are nearby in your hometown simply you can go to their shop and pay with nayapay.

How to create and use a nayapay account?

First of all install, the nayapay app from the play store you can find the app on the play store easily.

After installing the nayapay app follow the steps below.

  • Open nayapay app
  • Enter the first name
  • Enter the last name
  • Add email
  • Select username
  • Add number
  • Upload and fill in CNIC information

After doing all steps your account will be created and in some hours your nayapay account will be approved by nayapay staff. now you can use your nayapay account and create a virtual visa debit card by nayapay.

If you get any problem on nayapay then you can live chat on the contact nayapay team which is available 24/7 you can find nayapay contact information below.


In this article, you will find all the information related to the nayapay account we hope your all doubts and question about nayapay is now cleared. after reading this article you can create a nayapay account and use their special features without any charges for free.

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