How To Get Dark Mode On Google Chrome

Dark mode on google chrome: In 2022 there are almost 2.65 billion people who are using the internet on chrome browser is a popular browser with a lot of features but most people don’t know about its features that’s why today we will tell you about how to turn on dark mode on google chrome.

We will tell you to google chrome dark mode on windows 10 how you can enable this feature in your Windows 11 and how to turn off dark mode on google chrome all of the details about the dark mode on google chrome features are mentioned in this article.

Enable dark mode on google chrome 2022

The dark mode is a most popular feature of a chrome browser but many people don’t find this feature in chrome. using dark mode on google chrome is such a hard job because you don find any option in the Chrome browser to enable dark mode on the other side dark mode is much important for those who use the internet at the night so for those people dark mode will protect their eyes.

If you want to enable dark mode on the chrome browser then you can’t find any option to enable dark mode from the setting however I will tell you 2 to 3 ways which you can follow and enable dark mode in your chrome browser or you can enable dark mode by google chrome extensions.

  • Open chrome settings
  • Appearance
  • Themes

Now select any dark theme which you want to use your google chrome browser color will be changed to black color.

Enable Chrome’s dark mode on windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 and you don’t want to use the first way to enable chrome dark mode in windows 10 then you can follow the steps below.

  • Open your window setting
  • Personalization
  • Colors
  • Choose color BLACK

By doing all of these steps your full computer will convert into black mode and when you use any app or social media platform I will automatically enable dark mode and change color as your system’s default color.

Enable Chrome’s dark mode on windows 11

If you are using Windows 11 the steps are simple but a little bit different let me show you first go to your window setting and search color setting now open it and click transparency and effects and select dark mode that’s it your done.

Is dark mode better for the eyes?

Dark mode will not protect your eyes but it’s somehow helpful in reducing eye strain. if you are using dark mode on your laptop then their battery life will be increased and if you want to protect your eyes from blue light which is affecting your eyes so I recommend you to use eye care you can find both in Windows 10/11.

NOTE: day by day chrome is updating its service and adding new features so make sure to update your chrome browser to get all of the new features. if you are facing any problem then you can comment us or contact us we will happy to help you.


In this article, you will know about dark mode on google chrome and how to enable dark mode on google chrome in Windows 10/11. I hope you will understand now if you find this article helpful then share it with your friends and also visit TipsWired for more informational content.

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