How To Get Famous On YouTube In 2022

How to get famous on youtube is the most asked question on google some people say it is hard to become famous on youtube somehow its true because every youtube or vlogger’s successful backside is a long time struggle and hard-working but in 2022 many people don’t want to do hard work they just need to be famous on their youtube channel.

Remember that hard work is the key to success and becoming famous on youtube is not tough in 2022 because youtube is improving its platform and giving us such tools as youtube shorts, and we also find other social platforms which are improved and help us to grow our youtube channel and social platforms so today I am giving you some tricks which you can apply on the youtube channel and you will get famous in 30 days guaranted.

How to become famous on youtube ( Beginner Guide )

Many peoples want to get famous on youtube but they don’t choose the right way to get famous most people’s problem is that if someone is famous on a vlog channel then they created the same channel they don’t know about their interest so, first of all, choose the interesting topic if you want to become a successful Youtuber.

Let people know about you

After creating a youtube channel you need to let people know about you and that is only possible when you create accounts on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, interest, Reddit, and others use these social media to tell the world that you are a youtube, vlogger or entertainers.

Customize your channel like PRO

If any viewers visit your channel then your channel will be customized professionally then it can be a good impression on users so before start uploading videos make sure to add a catchy, name, logo, and banner, and also do the same on other social profiles and after setting this up you are ready to upload videos on your youtube channel.

Upload welcome video

If you are serious and want to become famous on youtube then I recommend you to first upload a welcome video on your youtube channel where you can add your BIO and tell about your channel niche topic and also about yourself it can make a good impact on users.

Craete youtube shorts

This is the main point and technique you can follow and get famous on youtube in 30 days everyone also knows that youtube shorts are now available all over the world and youtube is promoting shorts and giving millions of impressions so it can be very helpful for you to grow your channel.

  • Upload at least 10  youtube shorts daily
  • Upload at the same time
  • Use your own content

Remember if you are uploading a short on your main channel then don’t use any copyrighted content you can also create another specific channel for youtube short where your short get viral and ou can easily drive the audience from the short channel to main chanenl.


In this article I tell you in detail how to become successful on youtube keep in mind also analyze other YouTubers’ content and focus on trending topics and like youtube shorts, you can find many other platforms are giving you permission to create short videos on Facebook, Instagram reels and other you can same use them to get famous on social platforms and on youtube.

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