How To Increase Website Traffic Organically

Do you know that increasing your website traffic is the toughest thing for beginners yes only for beginners because in 2022 getting website traffic is easier if you are using these tricks and applying them on your website then you will get organic traffic from google?

Above I just say getting website traffic is tough for beginners because if a professional blogger creates a new blog then in some days they will get thousands of traffic on their new website because they are not new in this field they will know how to get website traffic from google.

They have youtube channels and a good social following Where they will promote their website but on the other side a new blogger has nothing no followers, youtube channel so don’t be said if you have nothing and only have a new blog then I will tell you some tricks which can help you to increase traffic to your website.

How to increase website traffic through google

This is true you can increase your website traffic through Google and get thousands of traffic from google organically. Some beginners are making mistakes in getting website traffic from social media platforms and that’s why their AdSense will be disabled or they will face ad limits on their blog.

We will discuss how to get social media traffic safely but first, let’s talk about how to get more traffic to your website from google and with the help of google. you just only need to read this article to the end.

Target long tail keyword

If you really want to get organic traffic from google then this is the best method because if you focus on low competition long tail keywords then you can get more traffic.

Because Google needs content that is searchable so find low competition keywords, focus on long-tail keywords write an article create a backlink and in some days your article will be ranked on google and you got traffic. if you are doing keyword search with proper SEO and writing your article then you will get long-term traffic from google.

Medium Blog

If you are running a website then you will know about Medium it is a powerful blogging website you can also create your blog on the medium which will help you to build a powerful backlink to your website.

If you get a high-quality backlink from a powerful DA (Domain Authority) website then you get organic website traffic from google. medium also has 95 DA which means if you build a backlink from this website in return Google will rank your website fast and you got organic traffic.

You can write an article on a medium related to your website topic and add your website links on the medium blog and then publish your article when someone visits your medium blog then they will click on your website link.


Quora is a simple QNA Question and answer website where millions of people ask questions according to their profession and niche topic. When someone sees if they will know the answer then definitely they will solve their quires.

You can answer other people’s questions by adding your website link in their answers so when they see an answer 100% chance they will visit your website if you want to do this method then that’s good otherwise today I am giving you another idea to drive traffic from quora.

Create an account on quora set up your profile now create a space on quora on a specific topic like how to earn money add a description.

Now if you write an article on earning money copy and paste your article title and a small intro of your article then add click here text to read the full article and paste your article link in the text.


I know every blogger will know about Pinterest but not everyone knows the value of a Pinterest website. You can get millions of traffic to your website by doing simple steps.

Pinterest websites are working very differently from other social websites. On Pinterest, if you have 1000 followers then monthly you get 100k to 200k website traffic from Pinterest.

Create an account on Pinterest set your account claim your website and when you post any new article just create a board and share your article on it that’s it.

Google web stories

Google Web stories can help you to drive millions of traffic by creating a short web story if you are a WordPress user then you can find a google web stories plugin with the help of this plugin easily you can create a web story and after some time it will be approved.

I am not getting deep in this because you can find many videos on youtube which helps you to create your first google web stories I am only telling you that if you want to increase website traffic through web stories then create stories on a trending topic and publish them. remember that if you are creating web stories then in the beginning create 5 to 10 web stories daily so they can be approved by google.

NOTE: Above I tell you that social media traffic is not safe for you in the beginning because google needs a website that gets organic traffic from searches if you got 70% to 80% traffic from social media then google will place an ad limit on your account.

This is why because your website is new and the new blog doesn’t have any domain authority so if you want to get traffic from social media in the beginning focus on 50% of organic traffic make sure to get 20% to 30% of traffic from social media.

When your website DA increases to 10 then you can share on social platforms as much as you can there be no side effects on your AdSense.


I hope by reading this article when you apply these tips on your website you will get thousands of traffic on your website soon now you will understand how to increase website traffic through social media and how to get traffic organically with the help of Google platform.

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