How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money

Do you want to start affiliate marketing but don’t know where to start then this article is for you because in this article you will know about that how to start affiliate marketing with no money and without any experience.

Before starting our topic you need to understand how affiliate marketing work after reading this article if you are stuck or have any quires then you can comment on us we are happy to solve your quires. if you don’t have any idea about affiliate marketing then you can find visual content on youtube where you can do an online course on affiliate marketing but I hope this article will help you a lot so let’s start it.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online process where your remote other brand’s products and when anyone in the world purchases any of the products you got a commission on every sale. there are many other ways to do affiliate marketing but these methods that you will find in this article are mostly used by millions of people.

Affiliate marketing is very easy if you do on the right way because in 2022 there are maximum world population is on the internet that’s why you just only need a strategic technique to start affiliate marketing which I am going to tell you below. you can also visit our website you can find much valuable content and helpful articles related to online earning and affiliate marketing.

Top 5 ways to start affiliate marketing as a beginner

First of all, choose an online affiliate program from Amazon, Clickbank, Shopify, daraz, etc and then create your account there fill in all the information, add your payment details, and then you only need to copy and paste your affiliate link. you can find this link in banner ad which you can place on your website header and footer or anywhere else.


If you want to start affiliate marketing then a good blog or online store is important for you because you need a platform where you promote your affiliate products for doing this you need a blog on a specific affiliate niche like T-shirts, shoes, jeans, and bags, etc.

Create your blog and then share your affiliate link add some pictures and a short review about your product in a short blog post and that’s it your done when someone purchases you get a commission.


There are billions of people who are using Facebook no matter whether they have blogs or not but they also have Facebook accounts that’s why promoting your affiliate products on Facebook is much easier than you think you can share it by creating a Facebook page.

If you have a budget then you can run an ad campaign it will help you to boost your audience but if you don’t have then start using the new feature of Facebook reels to get more sales. you can also create Facebook pages and start sharing posts and images related to your affiliate product niches.


If you don’t have a youtube channel then start today because people are earning millions with the help of youtube create a youtube channel set up your account start making review videos of your product that you want to sell to convince people to buy your products.

That should be possible when you give accurate information about your products don’t misguide your audience now share your product link in the description of your video and tell people that if you want to buy then the link is in the description. you can also create shorts on youtube which will help you to reach more audiences around the world.


Instagram is the most usable social media platform in the world there are almost 1.386 billion people who are using Instagram that’s why if you promote your products on Instagram reels then millions of people will see your products and the more audience see the more sales you get.


You can create your blog on the medium and remember you don’t need money to start affiliate marketing just write your product articles on the medium add your affiliate products link and publish your article medium is almost getting 163 million traffic monthly and their rank in the USA is #312.

NOTE: Below I am going to answer some common questions about affiliate marketing and the thing you need to know before starting an affiliate business. we found these questions on google we answer these questions with our experience and hope you can find them helpful.

How to start affiliate marketing as a beginner?

As a beginner, you only need to choose an affiliate platform and then share your link on your blog if you have then it’s good otherwise you can share your affiliate link on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Does it cost money to do affiliate marketing?

NO! It doesn’t cost money to start affiliate marketing but I recommend you to start your blog no matter what you are doing online if you have a website then it’s easy to promote your products you can earn money through Adsense + affiliate program. your blog can give you two sources of income.

You need to invest in hosting and domain to start your blog you can find cheap hosting from Hostinger for around 35$ for one 1year with a free SSL certificate and a domain but if you can afford it you can start your free blog on but I recommend you to invest in hosting because in the future you get your investment reward.


You can start marketing with almost no money all the important information on how to start affiliate marketing with no money without any skill or experience is available in this article. If you are a beginner then you can understand now how you can start affiliate marketing as a beginner and promote your products and get more sales for free.

Everything information you will find on this website and articles are well researched and written by our experience so if you find this article helpful then share it with your friends.

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