How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts In 2022

How to write SEO friendly blog: Do you want to start a blog or already have one but don’t know how to write SEO-friendly blog posts then in this article I will guarantee you will write 100% SEO-friendly articles for your blog by following the tips and tricks and some techniquies I am going to mention in this article.

First of all, you need to understand SEO and then you will be able to write the right content that google wants from you if you are already running a blog then you will also know you cant rank your blog without SEO and some related techniques.

What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)?

In short words, SEO full form is ( search engine optimization) and SEO is a way to rank your content, images, and other pieces of information on google because search engines google is running on a special algorithm and if your content matches their algorithm then 100% chance that your article will rank on google and it is only possible by doing proper SEO.

Now you will know about SEO and google Algorithms if you want more information about SEO and how the google algorithms will work? then you can google it but in this article without wasting time let’s know some techniques about how to write an SEO-friendly blog post.

Research keywords

Without proper keyword research, you cant rank your blog post first and find some keywords related to your topic but many people think ahrefs, and another related keyword research tool is expensive to buy so for those people you can find keywords from google keywords planner for free.

You can also find keyword without using any keywords finder tool from google because when you search any thing then google will suggest to you many keyword ideas that people are searching and you can also go with related keyword searches of google to increase your chance of ranking.

Write content intro

After doing keyword research write the intro of your article spouse if you are writing an article on how to start an online business? then don’t forget to add powerful words on the starting of your content like free online business ideas etc in this sentence free is a powerful word remember that don’t misguide any people if you write anything in content or image it is your right to prove it and also write informational articles google will rank the content that helps their users.

Content body structure

Remember that your intro will be powerful so users get interested to read all of the articles and then start writing body content now tell people all of the details about the topic you are righting make sure to solve all of the quires of the users in your article.

NOTE: Before starting your article find at least 10 long tail keywords and targeted keywords first use the keyword in the title and also use 2 to 3 keywords in the intro or your article at the starting. remember don’t use the same keywords and also use 1% keyword density in short words if you are writing a 1000+ word article you need 10 low competition keywords add this to your content.

Add your opinion

Before adding an opinion check your article remember don’t confuse your users write the article in simple language and use Grammarly to avoid your mistakes where you need to add an image then add it use free images you can find from different websites and if you have a piece of knowledge then you can carry your own image by using canvas its free.

After writing your content in last add your opinion that what you should think about your content and how it can help your users give your visitors some tips and tricks tell them if you try those methods also give them quality information so they can be your returning visitors in future.

How do I write SEO-friendly content? Tips

  • Research keywords
  • Keywords density 1% on 1000 words
  • Focus on long tail keywords
  • Find low competition keywords
  • Write powerful intro
  • Write content body structure
  • Give full details
  • Use free images
  • Add the last word conclusion


In this article, I will give you proper information on how to make your blog posts SEO-friendly, you can find some tips and tricks and follow these techniques and I will guarantee your article will rank on google and it can be very helpful for you in your blogger career. also, remember one thing if you have knowledge then share it with others it will automatically help you and others to grow fast.

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