How To Get Google Index Your Site Faster

In 2023 the main problem that beginners will face after creating their blog is how to make Google index your site faster because in the beginning there are no DA domain authorities of the website so sometimes your website can take up to 48 hours or more time to index on Google.

Many beginner bloggers will quit blogging because of this problem because almost a maximum of bloggers are working on news, and job niches so if any news is published on Monday and it will be indexed on Wednesday then you can’t get any traffic and it can give your website a bad user experience.

But don’t worry in this article I am going to give you proper details on how to get Google to crawl your site faster i’m if you follow these steps your post will index in 5 to 10 minutes so let’s start.

Google crawling and indexing

You also know that in every work there are always some techniques and tricks which can be followed and the work goes easy so, first of all, you need to understand how the Google crawl system will work.  Google discovered your web pages and crawled them by their bots.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Web spider
  • Google bot

Google will crawl your website pages with these four Google bots and when your website has any new content the bots will visit your website and crawl the pages after crawling it will be indexed on the Google search which is the process.

How to make Google instantly index your site

Now you will know how Google crawlers will work let’s how to get Google to index your site faster remember to follow these tricks and apply them on our website the tricks will be different for WordPress and bloggers but still, I am going to give you tips on both blogging platforms.

Instant indexing on WordPress

If you are a WordPress user then I recommend you to use one of the best SEO plugins Rank Math or Toast are the best plugins but my experience is with Rank Math, use these plugins and set up a wizard in the Rank Math plugin where you need to add some settings. if you don’t know how to add then you can find many videos on YouTube just see the latest video and set up rank math.

Setup rank math and search console

After setting up your rank math plugins your robots.txt file is automatically generated after doing that go to the Google search console and add yoursite.com_index.xml remember that you will be added by rank math no need to add robots.txt and sitemap.xml just add sitemap in search console.

After setting rank math and search console let’s do the last and important step which can help you index your page in 10 minutes also thousands of news websites are using these methods to get instant indexing.

Use Google API

Google API is very helpful for you to index faster on Google I am using this method and my post will be indexed in less than 5 minutes you can create a Google API account for free if you don’t know how to create one then in Google you can find many videos that can help you to start with google API.

Many people don’t know that Google API is like another owner of your website in that you are giving the owner access to Google bots only in the search console remember you need rank math instant indexing plugins to get started after setting up an account you can easily index 100 to 10,000 pages in one click by using google API.

Instant index for blogger users

In Blogger, you can’t use any plugins but still, you can use the search console and Google API if you are using Blogger then create an account and give Google API access to your search console when you add any new post automatically Google will be crawled and index in minutes.

Also, add robots.txt and sitemap.xml you can find many websites where you can generate robots.txt after setting all of these methods create a backlink it can also help you to index very fast and when your website gets some DA domain authority then Google will recommend and discover your website and you will get fast indexing with a lot of organic traffic.


All of these methods are 100% working and I am still using rank math + instant indexing rank math plugins and Google API my article will index in less than 5 minutes so I hope now you will understand how to get Google to index your site faster remember the process of creating an account on Google API for blogger and WordPress is same but you can’t use plugins on blogger.


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