Top 10 Best Ahrefs Alternatives Free And Paid

Best ahrefs alternatives tools: If you are a content writer or a blogger then you will definitely know about ahrefs. this is a tool where you can research your keyword and after researching and finding keywords you can write your article. basically keywords research is very important because if you want to rank on google then you need to target low competition keywords with high searches.

You can only find keywords with the help of a keyword research tool. Still, the problem is that ahrefs pricing is so high not everyone can purchase this tool so don’t worry because in this article I am going to tell you about the best free ahrefs alternative which can help you to find keywords, volume, CPC, and much more.

Before getting started you need to know about what is ahrefs? and why the pricing of the ahrefs tool is so high. all of the information you can mention below.

What is the ahrefs tool? Quick Guide

Ahrefs is the most popular keyword research tool. thee are millions of people who are using the ahrefs tool for free and paid yes this tool is (free and paid). ahrefs popularity is day by increasing that’s why their pricing plan is very high.

There are only 4 plans in ahrefs from lite to enterprise which you can purchase starting from $99 to $999 USD a month that’s why not everyone can purchase this tool. however, you can use some of the ahrefs tools for free which you can mention below.

  • Amazon Keyword Tool
  • Bing Keyword Tool
  • SERP Checker
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • Backlink Checker

Top 10 best ahrefs alternatives 2022

You can also find some other tools in ahrefs which are free but you can access limited keywords if you want to use their full features you need to purchase this tool but I know some people can’t afford it that’s why below you can find top 10 free SEO tools like ahrefs alternatives which you can use for free.


UBersuggest is a free and paid tool by Neil Patel. this is the best keyword research tool which is free and paid if you want to use this tool for free then create your account in ubersuggest and daily you can get 3 keyword searches for free.

That’s not enough but you can purchase this tool because its plan starts from $10 a month and that’s a low amount that you can afford. you can’t find any low plan in other ahrefs alternatives. if you purchase then you can get access to keyword research, SEO audit, topic research, backlink analysis, and much more.


Semrush is a professional tool like ahrefs and it is also similar to ahrefs but you can find a little bit difference between ahrefs and semrush and that’s is if you use ahrefs you will get 7 days of free trial but in semrush, you can get 12 days to 15 days free trial.

The price comparison is different you can find 3 plans pro to guru which starts from $99 to $399 per month. if you want to purchase then it’s good otherwise you can use semrush free trial for some days.


BuzzSumo is the best tool in the market now in 2022 and a popular ahrefs alternative. you can find many features like content discovery, content research, influencer, topic picker, research, monitoring, and many more. buzz sumo is a paid tool that you can use for 30 days as a free trial for free.

In 30 days you can also cover and research all of your keywords and if you want to purchase BuzzSumo plans then you can see 3 plans pro starts from $99 and the large plan price is $299 with unlimited access.

Google keyword planner

In 2022 everyone knows about google keyword planner is a free tool that you can use without running any campaign on youtube you can find many videos which you can see and create an expert mode account in the google keyword planner.

After creating your account you can research any keywords with all of the important data like search volume, competition, CPC, etc. you can also find long-tail keyword ideas and other helping keywords for free. is a free tool where you can research and find low-competition keywords. if you want to use this keyword then first write your keywords in a comma then select you to search engines like google, youtube, bing, etc after selecting that add your location, language, and solve ReCaptcha then you can find the result. is the cheapest keyword finder tool on the internet. if you use the free version then you can search up to 500 keywords but if you purchase their pro plan for $3 USD then you can search 1k keywords to 10k keywords in a month.


Wordstream is an online tool that makes your online digital marketing and researching journey easier. workstream is a free keyword research tool that you can use to discover new keyword ideas Research and Prioritize. workstream is a google awarded keyword research tool which you can use without any charges.

Mangools is a paid research tool where you can find many other SEO tools like KWfinder, SERP checker, SERP watcher, link miner, and site profiler all of these tools are paid so if you want to use mangools SEO tool then you need to purchase mangools basic plans starting from $29 and agency plans $79 per month.

You can purchase if you want otherwise you can use for all of the SEO tools for a 10-day free trial and you don’t need any credit card to get started.

MOZ pro

Moz Pro is a powerful SEO tool that gives you high-ranking, quality traffic with measurable results. you can also find MOZ chrome extensions which you can use for free here you can check any website PA (page authority) and DA (domain authority) for free.

Moz Pro is a paid tool starting from a standard plan of $99 to a paid plan of $599 and that is too much because the price is very high but don’t worry you can use MOZ pro all features in  30 days of a free trial. is a keyword research tool website where you can research low competition keywords and it is a paid tool whose plans start from $49 to $399 a month you can purchase if you want.

This tool will also tell you the referring domains, external inbound links to websites, and all the details which you can analyze and get ranked on google.

Webmaster tool bing

Many people don’t know about this tool because they think that the bing webmaster tool is only for indexing their article on bing that’s true but if you don’t know about their free SEO tools you can use this tool for free and research your keyword.

Go to webmaster bing where you added your website in the left side you can find the SEO option click on there and you will find 4 free SEO tools backlink checker, keyword research, SEO report, and site scan, you can use all of these tools for free.

NOTE: All of the free tools like ahrefs alternatives which are mentioned in this article are free and paid if you have a good budget then you can go with any tool otherwise you can use these tools in free trials and research your keywords.


In this article, I will tell you all of the details information about the top 10 ahrefs alternatives which you can use free and paid. all of these keyword research tools are better than ahrefs because they are giving free trials and their pricing plans are very low you can purchase for $10 USD a month.

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