Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Best google chrome extensions: If you are working online as a blogger, freelancer, or digital marketer no matter what your field is, or if you want to work online then you really need these chrome extensions which you must install in your chrome browser it will help you a lot in your online field.

On the internet, you need some tools and extensions that can help you to save your time so if you have a blog or you are an internet researcher then these extensions are for you.

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are one of the best ways to get your online field easier the only thing you need is to choose the best chrome extensions. It can help you to perform your online task in half time and also save your time when you work and research online.


Mozbar is still in the top best chrome extensions it can help you to check other websites’ DA domain authority and PA page authority also you can check other website spam scores. It can really help you when you are building backlinks to other websites

You can also analyze your website and check how many backlinks you have on your website. Mozabar is a free chrome extension these features which I tell you are free but if you can afford then purchase the mozbar premium plan to access all the features.


Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistance if you are a beginner in the blogging field then you really need to install this chrome can also help you to solve every mistake that you make in your content.

In 2022 there are 30 million active users which are using Grammarly by seeing this you know the importance of Grammarly. It can review spelling, grammar mistakes, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes.

Alexa Rank

Alexa rank checker is a free google chrome extension that allows you to check your website or any other website ranking worldwide and in their country.

Unfortunately, Alexa will be retiring on May 1, 2022 Alexa provide their services for more than 25 years since Alexa has been founded. Hopefully that we can find the alternative to Alexa stay tuned if we found one we will update you soon.

Keyword everywhere

Keyword everywhere is an online keyword research extension that can help you to suggest keywords for your blog post it can also give you ideas of long-tail keywords, CPC ( cost per click) search volume, and how much competition the keyword has in the market.

This tool is free and paid you can use it free it can also suggest long-tail keywords but if you want to see keywords volume, competition and CPC then you must need to purchase a plan as a little start with $10 and get 100,000 credits.

Similar web

Similarweb provides web analytics services to their users it can help you to analyze any website’s global rank, country rank, category rank, and how many visitors they are getting monthly Etc.

There are almost billions of website apps data available on this website by tons of data you can see your competitor’s website analysis and with this information, you can boost your website traffic and improve your content instead of your competitor.


There are many other extensions but this is the best ad blocker chrome extension. There are almost 10 million active users which are using AdBlock chrome extensions.

Adblock helps you a lot when you are researching and finding your topic. When you need any content idea you need to analyze other websites then you can see many pop-up ads, and video ads.

Which can consume your time n that way Adblock chrome extension can block all ads on other websites you can disable it when you want.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is the best chrome extension for working online as a blogger it can give you all the details about SEO (Search engine optimization) if you want to rank your website then you need to optimize your content.

SEO Quake is a proper SEO toolkit that displays KD keyword difficulty, Alexa rank, semrush ranking, google index, facebook, traffic, etc.


The LastPass is password saving best google chrome extension which allows you to save any of your passwords in one extension it can also help you to save time and work fast because if any password is saved it will automatically fill your information when you log in and need to fill your foam.

It can provide high-quality security. In case you forget your password then LastPass email you with a master password or one-time password.


Loom is an online video recorder chrome extension that can help you to record short tutorials with only one extension. You can make tutorials for your blog content short videos can help your users understand your blog content better.

You can embed your tutorial videos on your blog with a short Html code. You can easily share your videos on other social media platforms with a link.

Word Counter Plus

If you are looking for a tool where you can check how many words you wrote in your article then word counter plus is the most popular chrome extension which you can use and check words on your article easily.

After adding these chrome extensions to your browser select the text that you want to count then right-click your mouse button you will see the option word counter click there you will see how many words you write without copying or pasting your text on another website.


In the end, I am only going to say that if you want to make your blogging journey easier then you must need to use these top 10 google chrome extensions in your online field. these extensions are used by most popular bloggers so if you want to run your blog as a brand then install these extensions on your chrome, opera, and firefox browser.

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