Top 10 Best Health Websites In 2022

Best health websites: Do you know that there are some websites that can give you information on health and wellness and it can be very helpful for you if you are a medical student, doctor, and a simple person? health is very important to maintain all of your daily activities because health is wealth and if your health is disturbed then you feel very anger stressful and that can be impact your daily life very badly.

Maintain your health with the help of these top 10 best health and wellness websites where you can find articles on different health issues, written by qualified PHDs doctors and specialists you can get many informational contents so read this article to the end.

Top 10 health and wellness websites

The websites I am going to mention below are the top health websites ranking in May 2022 you can find information on its ranking worldwide, traffics and categories, and other related information on health and wellness medical issues and much more.


Today in 2022 health line is the most popular and NO 1 health website and information-providing Web where you can get detailed information on health conditions, diet plans, nutrition, sleep, mental health, fitness, and other important information regarding health and wellness issues.

Healthline ranks NO 1 in health categories country ranks 70 and global rank worldwide is 170 and this website is getting 239 million visitors monthly that are reading health regarding informational content on Healthline.

Everyday health is a trusted medical information and advice health website where you can get content and advice from medical specialists and that is 100% free if you have any type of health issue then from this website you can get information on health from A to Z.

This website ranks 55 in health categories, and the country rank of everyday health is 1,773 in the USA and the worldwide rank is 5,321 this website is getting 14.30 million visitors worldwide.

Well and Good

Well, and good is the best popular health website that can solve all types of health issues it can give you health care tips, food recipes, fitness tips, relation tips, and much more all of this information is written by health specialists.

Like another website we’ll and good ranks 182 in health categories, the country ranks 2,947 in the USA and worldwide rank of this website is 9,771 the average visitors which are visiting are visiting this website monthly is 8.20 million.

Yoga Journal

Yoga journal is a most popular health website where you can get your daily dose of maintaining heath information, post finder, practice, teach, foundation, meditation, and other helpful tips about your health.

Categories rank 524 in computer and electronics, country rank 29,712 and the worldwide ranks is 69,440 and this website is getting 805.40k visitors monthly.

Greatist is a health and wellness website in health categories you can get information on women’s health, man’s health, men’s health, and much more like diet plans skin and beauty.

This website is a powerful website popular in health categories rank is 14, the country rank in the USA is 3,506 and the global rank popularity is 9,155. this website is getting monthly visits of 4.90 million.

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NOTE: All of the information you can see in this article is well researched and the ranks and visitors we tell you about all of these websites the data is collected from for educational purposes only you can check and visit health and wellness websites and check it from yourself.


In this article, you will get information on the top 10 best health websites in 2022 all of the data I provide you in this article is based on May 2022 and we will update you if we find any changes in the best health website data online so sure to subscribe our website push notification service so you can get more Information About Reliable Health Websites and notified we update or publish any new article in our website.

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