Top 10 Best Shopping Websites In Pakistan

Best shopping websites: Today in 2022 technology is going to its next level that’s why millions of brands are getting their business online day by day in the online market there are many new things coming which facilitate people even if you need any things food clothes mobiles products etc all of the thing you can purchase online that’s why today in this article I am going to tell you best online shopping website in Pakistan.

There are almost millions of online stores are available in Pakistan and worldwide where you can purchase anything online with free home delivery but it’s your right to know which online store or shopping website is best in Pakistan in this article we will tell you about the top 10 best shopping websites in Pakistan 2022 with review and opinion.

Top 10 Best shopping websites in Pakistan 2022

We will tell you all of the detail on the best shopping websites about which products are they selling and in which categories all of the details you can find butt first you need to know that the world’s most popular shopping website is amazon but in Pakistan now amazon is available but still people are facing some problems regarding TAX that’s why people are using their alternative best shopping websites mentioned below.


In the multi-categories products, Daraz is still in no1 in Pakistan. the prices range is still affordable starting with 50rs to millions you can purchase any products with 40% to 50% discounts on the different festivals or offers there are crores of products on daraz with millions of discounts you can find different categories products on daraz.

  • Groceries and Pets
  • Health and Beauty
  • Home and Lifestyles
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Men’s Fashion

you can so find many other categories you can visit daraz and see by yourself and if you purchase anything you will get discounts on different products and get free home delivery.


Al-Fatah is the most popular brand to buy electronics, and gadgets. al-Fatah is providing the best quality electronics and gadgets brands that you can purchase for your home. you can also purchase mobile phones, small appliances,s, and other electronic products from this website if you want. al Fatah covers only the electronics and gadgets categories.

  • Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers
  • LEDs and Audio
  • Air Coolers and Water Coolers
  • Small electronics

You can also find many other electronics products like Tv, dispenser,s, etc this website is good to buy electronics and gadgets if you want to buy them then you can visit the website and check all of the products by yourself. is the Pakistan no 1 automobile and related products selling website today in 2022 is a brand where millions of people, are purchasing cars and other products. you can also buy new cars, used cars, and bikes from

  • Honda CG 125
  • Yamaha YBR 123
  • Honda civic
  • Suzuki alto
  • Honda city

You can also find many other bug brands like AUDI, BMW, etc on this website you can visit and for cars and other related products, this website is great for online car booking and the best shopping websites in Pakistan.

Our next website is focused on the categorization of fashion accessories. is a website where you can purchase all of the products and brands related to fashion you can online purchase all of these products at 10% discounts also with other discounts.

  • Men’s fashion
  • Women fashions
  • Kids fashions
  • Home and kitchen
  • Toys and games

All of these brands are available at the discount you can visit the website and check all of the products and then if you want to purchase then purchase it with free home delivery.

I shopping is a popular shopping website in Pakistan where you can find all of the products a to z like fashion, electronics, gadgets, and many more but this website is much more popular in beauty categories you can find many branded makeup products.

  • Brush sets
  • Eyes
  • Face
  • Foundations
  • Concealer

This multi categories website is popular for providing makeup products you can check by yourself by visiting this website you can also find many stores on this website. is a Pakistani online store that is only for girls because on this website you can find all of the products like clothes and pieces of jewelry bags and shoes all of these products is available for girls you can purchase online.

  • Kurti
  • Eastern
  • Formal
  • Tshirts
  • Prints clothes

You can find all of these clothes and also find other branded clothes on sale and get many discounts by purchasing these clothes online.

Babyplanet is an online store for babies where you can find all of the important things for babies like baby fashion, baths, toilets, toys for babies, and many other products.

  • Fashion
  • Gear
  • Feeding
  • Bath
  • Toys

Parents care much about their children that’s why they shop for many things for their children for those parents you can get all of the collections from this website.

Health hut

Health hut is an online health store where you can purchase groceries, meat, breakfast, and other related things online you can visit the website where you see the collection of healthy products which you can purchase online.

  • Breakfast
  • Meat
  • Groceries
  • Milk
  • Health tips

You also find many tips and tricks about health, protein, and diet you can also purchase many healthy products online at the lowest price.

Telemart is a multi categories website where you can find many products in different categories like kitchen, fashion, beauty, etc this website is like but the same on this website you can find many branded collections of products.

  • Pharmacy
  • Mobile tablets
  • Appliance
  • Fashion
  • Health and care

Now in 2022, you don’t need to go out and find the cheapest shops to buy products you can do all of these things now by tapping phones on the best shopping websites in Pakistan. is an online shopping website in Pakistan where you can find many categories and products but the most popular categories are sports you can find a collection of products on sports and accessories.

  • Health care
  • Gym bottles
  • Gym mats
  • Gym accessories
  • Health and fitness

All of these products are branded and you can find them in Pakistan if you want to purchase these products then visit the website and purchase it.

NOTE: All of the information which you find is researched and ten written in this article you will know about the best shopping websites for online in Pakistan. if you want to purchase any product then you can choose one of the websites mentioned in this article and then shop online in Pakistan.

Which is the best website for shopping in Pakistan?

Today in the world the no 1 website on amazon is working worldwide but Pakistan still facing some issues therefore now in 2022, Daraz is the best shopping website in Pakistan with a lot of discounts on millions of products.


I hope this article will help you a lot because in this article you will get information on the best shopping websites and the top 10 e-commerce websites in Pakistan. where you can purchase online with free home delivery with discounts. if you find this article helpful then help others by sharing this article and visiting our website for more valuable content.

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