Top 10 Best Technology Websites In Pakistan

There are millions of technology websites on the internet that are popular worldwide but today we are going to tell you the best Technology Websites In Pakistan, if you are a technology geek, or running a tech blog then you need a website relevant to your niche which gives you authentic information regarding technology websites.

If you want to stay updated with the latest information technology news from the world and especially from Pakistan then you need to follow these technology websites.
Best information technology websites in Pakistan.

Top Technology Websites in Pakistan 2022

We divided the best technology websites in Pakistan by their rank, traffic, and categories. Pakistan has been included in the list of developed countries which are the highest advancement in science and technology.

Let’s see some best technology websites in Pakistan overview and analysis.


If you are a technology lover then you will know about the ProPakistani website is the most popular multiple category websites in Pakistan ProPakistani is the premier and most trustworthy resource for technology.

ProPakistani covers all the news from Pakistan and all over the world, you can also find content on how-to, tech, telecom, business, auto sports, and mobile prices. the Alexa rank of ProPakistani worldwide is #8567 and #85 is in Pakistan.


PhoneWorld is a technology website where you can find tons of information about smartphones and future technology mobile phones .phoneworld is a Pakistani tech website that can cover different topics on tech like news, devices, apps, games, pc, packages, mobile prices, etc.

You can also get the latest information on zong, jazz, Telenor, Ufone packages information on telecoms and phones. Phone world worldwide Alexa ranking is #55,095 and #582 is in Pakistan.


PakWired is a tech website that gives you the most authentic source of technology news, startup, e-commerce, telecommunication, general business, etc. in this website you can find all the business information upcoming technologies, and much more.

If you want to start any business then you can find many ideas on this website about how to, apps, freelancing, social media, etc. pakwired Alexa rank worldwide is #216,523 and #10,993 in Pakistan


GIgBuzz is a tech blog in Pakistan it covers technology news around the world and also works on multiple categories like technology, news, business, startup and innovation, economy, and freelancing. if you need multi-categories content and ideas for your blog or website then on this website you can find original content.

You can also find information on industries like real estate, how-to, top 10, career, and education. this website’s global Alexa rank position is #306,574 and #10,449 is in Pakistan.


TechMag is an information technology website that provides you with next-level tech news and updates, On android, smartphones, computing, apple, smartwatch, and telecom, and also provides you the national news on digital Pakistan, reviews, and much more.

The global Alexa rank of this website is #296,318 and #8921 in Pakistan, this website has a good ranking in Pakistan.

Addictive Tips

Addictive Tips is the best tech website based on multiple educational categories where you can find much helpful information on VPN privacy, mac, operating system, Linux, ios, android, web, and ms office. this website will help you more with online tech products and you can also find windows related information.

If you want to learn something new or if you are a Minecraft lover, you can find many helpful tips on this website on multiple topics. This website ranks 14,419 in the world and still its topic focus on the USA that’s why this website rank #10,129 in the US.


If you are a Pakistani or a mobile lover then you will know about the whatmobile website this website covers all types of branded and local smartphones like Huawei mobile, Vivo, honor mobile, OPPO mobile, realme, Nokia Xiaomi, Infinix, Apple, iPhone, Tecno Mobile, etc. in Pakistan and worldwide this website is the most popular mobile niche based website.

You can visit this website to know about the information on new smartphones and upcoming phones. the world Alexa rank of this website is #9,239 and #75 in Pakistan.

Tech Juice

Tech juice is a startup media company website in Pakistan started in 2014 and know in 2022 this website is included in the list of Pakistan’s most popular technology websites. This website covers smartphone topics, technology, startup, online wearing, and investment topic.

You can find many investment and business ideas on this website so follow this website if you want a good online earning idea. the Alexa rank of this website is #120,442 global and #1687 in Pakistan.

Redmond Pie

Redmond Pie is a tech website that covers google, apple, and Microsoft news all over the world if you are an iPhone lover or you want the latest information on Microsoft, Android, I pad, etc then makes sure to follow this website to stay updated.

This website topic is focused on Europe countries so that’s why this website Alexa ranks #36,868 in the united states of America and the global rank of this website is #64,776 worldwide.

Technology Times

Technology Times is a science and technology website in Pakistan it can also cover many of the latest news on technology, E papers, and multiple categories such as gaming, mobile, lifestyle, nature, science, etc.

This website covers news from different countries like Pakistan, China, Africa, the United States of America, and all over the world. Alexa rank in the world is #325,632 and #4,753 in Pakistan.


If you want to get the latest technology updates from all over the world then you can follow any information technology news website in this article above I mentioned a list of Pakistan technology websites to get the latest updates from all over the world.

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