Top 10 Most Profitable Niches For Blogging In 2022

Most profitable blogging niches: In 2022 everyone wants to create their own blog and earn money so if you are a newbie in the blogging field or you want to start blogging then you need to understand that you can create your blog in 5 minutes on WordPress but first you need to know what is the best niche for a blog and how to find it.

If you want to succeed in blogging then you need to choose profitable blog niches which are easily ranked on google. You can get full details on the best niche for blogging with the low competition just read this article to the end.

Most profitable blogging niches

There are many keywords and niches but I am going to tell you some most profitable niches for blogging. which can easily rank on google and you get more traffic the more traffic you get the more revenue you generate.

Personal Finance

Personal finance is a most profitable blog niche in this niche you will tell people how to save money because in 2022 everyone wants more money, therefore, they need a financial advisor who can guide them on how to make money and how to manage their money.

You can also tell people how you manage your money because in 2022 everyone is doing multiple online works to give people an idea of how they can start too and money-saving tips.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the best niche to tell people about your digital marketing skills if you have a piece of good knowledge about digital marketing then you can go with this niche.

Remember that I said if you have a good knowledge because digital marketing is a big field, therefore, its competition on market is very high it could be difficult to get ranked n google if you don’t have good knowledge about this niche.

But don’t worry digital marketing niche also covers many micro-niches like social media marketing, email marketing, email campaign, eCommerce world, etc. if you work on these micro-niches so your blog could be easily ranked on google.

Health And fitness

Health and fitness is a big niche it can also cover thousands of small micro-niches which can be good for you if you are a beginner there are almost millions of websites like are providing powerful valuable content and they are almost ranked on the first page of google.

So why did google rank you that’s why I advise you to go with micro-niches of this niche you can choose any of the micro-niche which can cover health and fitness topics.

  • Keto diet
  • Eating
  • Weight loss
  • Man fitness
  • Women fitness

PRO TIP: Choose a profitable niche and start delivering high-quality articles and monetizing your content and that’s it blogging will become your passive income source. 


All of these niches included technology is a powerful niche there are almost billions of searches daily on technology niches. this niche is the most profitable niche in blogging because technology is upgrading day by day therefore people need powerful detailed content on technology-specific niches.

If you are a technology lover then this niche is for you you can go with technology and covers tech news, mobiles, gadgets, smartwatch, review other tech products, etc.


By using this niche you have a benefit and that is you get AdSense approval fast google will not say we have experience because in this niche you will share your knowledge with the people which really need your help in our case study we will work on multiple niches but in education, niche google will rank and index website fast on google.

That is why because millions of people are learning online like different courses, solving their quires, getting answers, etc therefore you are helping others and that’s the thing google will like and they will help you.


Gaming is a good niche if you are a gaming lover then you will know that there are some most popular games like PUBG ( player unknown battleground ) and free fire also other games like Minecraft, GTA 5, etc yo can choose one of the game and give their news like upcoming royal pass, new seasons costumes, gun skins, etc.

If you are really a gaming geek then you can cover all the game news and sports information on how to do it but in the beginning, I will recommend you to go with microniche in the gaming field.


Fashion is a most successful blog niche it can help you to earn more money with Adsense + affiliate marketing. You can also choose one of the micro-niche in fashion like shirts, caps, jeans, shoes, etc.

choose one of the niches to start your blog when your blog will be monetized by Adsense create an amazon account or other affiliate programs share your affiliate link on your website so when users will like any shirt they will click on buy when they purchase you got commission on every sale.


If you have a good story then you can share it on your blog and tell people about your lifestyle struggle you can also write lifestyle articles on successful people like Elon musk, bill gate the Microsoft founder, and warren buffet.

It can also help people to be motivated to share your stories as a form of article people will like good stories as you know that stories are long and that’s why people spend more time on your website the more time they spend the more revenue you generate.

Recipe And Food

This niche is especially for females or chefs, if you have a good recipe that you love so you can share it on your blog you can also share your home recipe about what you are cooking and your 7day plans of cooking.

Food blogging is a big niche in 2022 you can break these niches because there are almost millions of blogs on the specific niche but you can choose sub-niches mentioned below and you can take help from some food blogs so you can get an idea.

  • Food Recipes
  • Italian dishes
  • Healthy eating
  • Baby foods
  • Diet foods

Food and recipe are the most popular and more earning generating blog niches if you go with this blogging niche then it can be a high chance to get approved by google.


This niche is still trending on google because people love pets therefore they need information about good pets and where to buy if you are a pet lover then this niche could be very easy for you to share the good quality about pets like dogs, parrots, cats, etc.

NOTE: There are millions of people working in these niches who are earning thousands of dollars on monthly basis but remember if someone is earning good money in the technology niche it’s not that you earn too so first find which niche is best for you.

Find your interest if you like health then go with health, not digital marketing.


Choosing high-demand blog topics/niches can help you to rank your blog faster. If you want to start a blog then you can choose one of the best niches mentioned in this article. I hope we can solve your many quires about choosing a profitable niche.

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