Top 10 Photo Selling Websites In 2022

Get detail on the top 10 photo-selling websites In 2022 everyone wants to earn money by doing nothing this is not possible but in 2022 everything is possible. how about photo selling online and making money it’s very easy but you need to do it with right way and in 2022 it is possible to sell pictures of yourself online or other things for money.

First, this article is about the top 10 websites to sell photos online without any investment. I will tell you the best place to sell photos online and how did photo selling works but first in simple ways let’s know how to sell photos online and earn money? you can find millions of articles on selling photos online, but I will tell you in simple words below.

How to sell photos online and earn money? Quick Guide

With a quicker guide and simple words, if selling photos online for beginners then it is possible to earn money by selling your images on different photo-selling websites.

you don’t need any high-quality camera or other gadgets to do this work all you have to need is a good mobile phone which has a good camera that’s it if you already have a smartphone and remember you don’t need to purchase any expensive mobile phone.

After getting a phone find a niche that you love niche is very important to building an audience focus on one niche only you can find the niche list below.

  • Food
  • Technology
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Fruits

You can choose any of the niches and work on it properly click the picture related to the niche example if you like animals then click the picture on animals without any editing after clicking the pictures you can find the list of top 10 photo-selling websites below you can create an account on any website and start selling your images.

Top 10 websites to sell photos online in 2022

There are many websites on the internet where you can sell your images and earn a good amount of money but we research on the internet and find some best stock photo sites to sell and that are mentioned below.


Shutterstock is the no 1 stock photo selling website on the internet you can create an account on this website and then after filling in some additional information you are ready to sell photos online and earn money.

You can also earn some additional earnings with the affiliate program you can almost earn 20% to 30% extra money.


Alamy is the most popular photo-selling website. On this website, you can find a collection of photos where you can sell your android and iPhone photos and earn an extra amount of money. Alamy pays you your earnings on a monthly base if your one image will be sold in Alamy for around $10 then you will get 50% on each image.

iStock photos

iStock photos are actually the best website for stock photos if you want to get stock photos for your project then you will use iStock photos and if you want to sell your images on this website you will get 15% to 45% depending on the photos.


On this website your can sell your online stuff like images, templates, designs, etc. it is easy to get started with only create an account set up your profile and you are ready to sell your images online. remember Etsy transaction price is 5% and the payment processing fee after selling the image or print is 3%.

Getty Images

Getty Images is the best website to sell pictures for money. if you really want to do this work then you need an account on the Getty images website. there are almost around 1.5millions plus user which are using Getty Images you can also earn 20% minimum and the maximum 25% by selling images on Getty Images.


Ostocksy is eth best photo-selling mid-range website where you can find millions of images that are saved by thousands of people. On the ostocksy photo selling website, photographers can earn 50% commission on the royalty images and 75% on extended licenses.

Adobe stock

You all know about this website if you are a picture or video editor. adobe is the website where you can get billions of visitors who are buying images so in that case your chance of selling images is increased. in your very photo, adobe stock gives you a 30% commission.


Twenty20 is a global online photo-selling marketplace website. On this website, you can find 150 millions file of visual content and almost twenty20 are available all over the world. On this website, the commission is on the basis of the contributor, experience. you can earn between 34% to 42% in twenty20.


There are almost 20 years of service and Dreamstime is still providing good and valuable service. in Dreamstime, almost 31 million are active registered members and 144 million photos and other related stuff and getting almost 20 million monthly unique visitors.

Your account must be six months old on this website and you can the contributor can earn 25% to 50% by using the Dreamstime website.


If you want to earn an extra part-time income by photo selling then Foap is the best place to share your beautiful pictures and earn money you can also use the foap app to sell your photos. foap app can give you the high earning in search of your image sold you get 5$ you can also sell your photos on adobe and Alamy.


In this article, you will get details on which website is best for selling photos? and I answered this question and tell you about the top 10 best photo-selling websites in 2022 which you can follow and start working on it to earn an extra amount by photo selling online. you can choose one of the websites mentioned in this article and start earning today.

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