Top 10 YouTube Shorts Channel Ideas 2022

As you know that in 2022 youtube shorts will be available in almost every country and millions of creators are now creating youtube shorts by seeing this in this article I am going to tell you youtube shorts channel ideas that will help you to grow your youtube journey and you will be paid as short funds if you continue to work on youtube shorts.

Below you are going to know about short youtube channel name ideas we researched and find these topics are growing very fast in 2022 youtube is still viral youtube shorts and creators are getting millions of impressions in 1 day you can start to.

Top 10 youtube shorts channel ideas

First of all, if you want to viral youtube shorts on any topic then make sure to upload videos at the same time daily and remember to start a youtube short channel on these topics for better results and when your short goes viral you get an audience, and then you can earn money from multiple ways from shorts and you can also get millions of views and subscribers.


As you know that many people don’t want to see long videos and fitness is also a big niche that is why if you can caret shorts on fitness then you can get millions of views and subscribers make sure to tell viewers the maximum details on youtube shorts if you don’t have any idea about fitness then you can start other topics or you can see youtube videos to get ideas on fitness shorts.


People want to know about how to earn a passive income from youtube blogging so that is why you can get huge impressions on these niches and give people authentic information about finance.

Tech gadgets

Millions of people need gadgets and there are almost daily in-market millions of new gadgets available so you can create youtube shorts like tech gadgets under 500 rs or review gadgets and tell people about their pros and cons and other related information.

Micro products review

This is the best youtube shorts channel name ideas you can start in 2022 in the world almost everyone is purchasing products online so if you can give reviews on different products it could be easy for people to find a good one and you can get views and subscriber so if you love micro product review topic then start youtube shorts now.

Business news

The best topic you need to start in 2022 because you know that all over the world almost millions of news of different countries are published in the form of articles and you can see them on news channels so you can start a youtube short channel on news topic and tell viewers about business news, economy, market in 60 seconds shorts.

Educational topic

The most demanded topic and you can say that youtube will send you millions of impressions on education topic because you are helping other people and educating them about skills, knowledge and giving them startup ideas so if you are a student or you have some kind of skill that you want to tell the world then start working on this topic today.

Pets topic

After researching the best youtube channel short name ideas we found pet topic is the best for start-ups because many people or almost everyone loves pets like dogs, cats, etc and people also need information like how they can take care of their pets? and other related information so if you are a pet lover then you can go with the pet topic.

Facts topic

If you create 60 seconds of short storytelling videos on facts then it will be a higher chance your shorts goes viral you can voice-over if you want and start creating short videos on any category facts topics, if you have a good mic then facts topic is a cool short youtube names ideas for you otherwise you can see more topics below.

Startup ideas

If you are a digital marketer, blogger or you know about how to start up in the beginning in any field then you can share your knowledge with others by creating youtube shorts on startup ideas and giving people information so they can start too.

Gardening and farming

There are many people that are loved to grow plants, gardening, and farming at home so you can choose this topic and tell them how they can create gardens on their roofs and other information on plants and gardening for these topic ideas you can see many videos on youtube.

NOTE: All of the information is for educational purposes and we write this article after proper research on the specific topic so I recommend you to go with that topic you love to work on if you have a piece of good knowledge then share it with other people so they can also learn something new.


We hope that this article will help you a lot and you will find good youtube shorts channel ideas to start your online work on youtube with consistency youtube will also help you to get more impressions, views, and subscribers if you like this article then you can share it with your friend it will also motivate us and help other peoples.

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