Top 5 Best AI Writing Software Of 2023

Do you know that you can write your blog content using the best AI writing software In 2023 creating a blog is very easy but running a blog and writing daily content posts are very tough. content is king and that only happens when you write proper valuable content for your readers but many people don’t know how to write content for their blogs and they will waste much time only on writing content.

But in 2023 content writing is taken by AI writing software and these tools will be helpful for you in content writing. AI writing software is for those people who don’t have time to write articles on their blogs or for those who don’t want to write long articles so today in this article I am going to tell you the 5 best AI writing software that can help you to write SEO optimized content automatically.

What is AI writing software? Quick Guide

AI is the full form of Artificial intelligence machine learning all of the processes of writing content are by robotics and machines. you can also say that all of the processes are used by the robotic application which uses AI artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with the help of AI techniques you can also create many automatic programs.

AI writing software is the creative muse of the digital age, weaving words with the elegance of algorithms and the brilliance of human inspiration.

AI writing tools will help you to write SEO-optimized content on the specific keywords that you put on AI writing software. all of the content writing processes take a couple of seconds and your plagiarism-free, without error top-quality content has been ready.

Top 5 best AI writing software

Now in the online market, you can find many best AI writing software but below you find details on the best artificial intelligence writing software that will give you the best deal and also discuss its prices tell you about its features, and much more.

Top 5 Best AI Writing Software Of 2023
Top 5 Best AI Writing Software Of 2023

1. Jasper

Jasper is the most powerful and no 1 content writing AI Jarvis writing software in the market of artificial intelligence. jasper is also formerly known as almost 30,000+ content creators are using Jasper for their WordPress, google ads, Shopify, and Amazon affiliate marketing and blog content writing.

Jasper Features:

  • Jasper does their work 5x faster than other AI software.
  • you can also use Jasper in 25+ languages.
  • Anti-plagiarism this feature will help you write unique content in Jasper.
  • All of the grammar mistakes and error has been solved.
  • Write the article in a few seconds.

Jasper Pricing plans:

First of all, Jasper is a paid tool because no AI software is free some are giving you 1k to 5k words for free write using AI software but all are paid. in the Jasper pricing plan, you can find 2 plans. the creator plan starts from $39 per month where you can only write 20k words using the AI tool software.

In the boss mode plan, you can write 50k words starting from $99 per month in both plans you can choose words up to 320k to 700k and the price will be up and down according to tow the words you choose.

2. Article forge

Article Forge is the 2nd best AI writing assistant software that can write high-quality content for your blog in one click. do you know that Google is using an AI artificial intelligence algorithm to check the content of blogs that’s why the best way to write content for your blog is by using AI software.

Article forge Features:

  • Article Forge will write SEO-optimized content for your blog.
  • Write on focus keywords, you can also customize them.
  • Create high-quality content in 60 seconds.
  • Article Forge gives you an affordable price.
  • 100% content uniqueness guaranteed.

Article forge prices:

Article Forge gives you affordable and reasonable prices.  In Article Forge you can purchase 3 plans in the basic plan you can write 25k words for only $13 a month and at the standard price 250k words for $27 and the last plan price is $57 per month with this plan you can write 500K words and if you purchase yearly you can get 51% discount.

3. AI-Writer

Ai Writer is a new AI writing software for content writers. it can generate high-quality full SEO-optimized content for your blog in 2 minutes. in the AI write you write content and publish it on WordPress with API access and an SEO editor.

AI Writer Features:

  • SEO-friendly relevant content
  • Unique content
  • SEO editor
  • Text rewording
  • Yearly subscription 2 months free

AI Writer pricing:

In the AI writing pricing, you can find 3 plans basic plans power plan. if you are a blogger or newbie in this field then a start plan is best for you $49 per month write-up to 100 articles and the other two plans start with a $69 per month to a $375 where you can write 175 articles to 1000 articles in AI Writer power plan.

4. Articoolo

Articoolo is the best AI writing software that helps you create unique articles and rewrite your other articles. this AI writing software is available in 6 different languages in all of these languages you can write an article by using the Articoolo AI writing tool.

Articoolo features:

  • Create high-quality articles
  • Rewrite any articles
  • Writer helper
  • WordPress plugin
  • Generate topic and title

Articoolo pricing:

  • 1o article $19
  • 50 articles $75
  • 100 articles $99

Subscribe and save 

  • 30 articles $29 per month
  • 100 articles for $49 per month
  • 250 articles for $99 per month

In Articoolo AI Writing software, you can find a pay-per-use plan where you can write articles at a fixed price you can also subscribe to their plan and save your money.

5. SEO content machine

SEO content machine is a toolbox for AI content writers. you can use this tool in any language which you want this tool is available for MAC, PC, and IOS operating systems you can also find many other tools like content creation and scrapers, templates, etc.

SEO content machine features:

  • Auto writer support
  • Auto transalater support
  • Keywords combiner
  • Writing assistant
  • 10 scraper tools

SEO content machine pricing:

You can find 4 plans in the SEO content machine Best AI writing software.

  • Monthly $27 rebills monthly
  • Quarterly $57 rebills every 3 months
  • Yearly $120 rebills every year
  • Perpetual $197 No rebills

If you are using SEO content machine AI writing tool perpetual plan you can only pay $197 in one year and then you will get lifetime access.

NOTE: All of these tools are the best AI writing software and somehow it’s free if you want to use this AI software then you need to pay but it can allow you to use 1k to 5k words free to generate AI content and you can use 5-day free trial on some of best AI writing software.

Q. Which software is best for content writing?

In 2023 there are many AI content writer tools you can find online but Jasper and Article Forge is the most usable and best AI writing software you can use for content writing.

Q. Will AI take over writing?

Handmade content is very popular because we will write content by researching and knowing what user wants from us but in the future, there could be a big chance that AI writing software will take over writers.

Q. Is AI writing free?

AI writing software is free and paid but in the free version you can get limited access and you can write limited-word articles in the paid version of AI writing software you can get unlimited access to all of their tools.


In conclusion, AI writing software has become an integral part of content creation in 2023. These top 5 AI writing software options offer a wide array of features and capabilities to assist content creators in generating high-quality, engaging, and relevant content for their audience. Whether you need assistance with ad copy, blog posts, creative writing, or customer interactions, AI writing software is on this list to suit your needs and streamline your content creation process.

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