Top 5 Best Forum Websites List 2022

In this article, I am going to tell you about free forum submission sites. today on the internet there are many best forum websites where you can communicate with other people but I am going to tell you the top 5 best forum websites popular all over the world.

Online communities are getting more popular on forum websites because people are talking with each other some people don’t understand know about what is forum website? you will get all of the information on forum websites and how forum websites will help you in gaining popularity worldwide.

What are forum websites?

In simple and easy words forum website is an online discussion and conversation-sharing website where people share their ideas, and life stories, and talk with search other with the help of the best forum website many people are building higher popularity in the community.

Top 5 best forum websites list

There are almost millions of forum websites because in WordPress you can easily build a forum website using a plugin but the important thing is forum websites is always active in all over the world in different countries peoples below you can find some most popular and trending online best forum sites which you need to use now.


Reddit is the world’s no 1 most popular community forum website On Reddit people can discuss with each other and share text, images, links, videos, etc. you can also join many news communities and share your opinion there are some content policy that you need to follow if you want to use Reddit and it is a free forum website but if you want to purchase Reddit premium then that good otherwise you can use it for free.

Reddit ranks worldwide in the category of computer electronics and technology and social networks and online community. all over the world Reddit’s rank is #18 and the country’s rank in the USA is #46 and the category’s rank is #2 almost 1.70 billion people are visiting Reddit monthly by seeing all of this information you know the popularity of a forums sites.


Quora is a question and answer most popular best forum website in the world. millions of people are asking questions on the platform quora you can also say that quora is a discussion website. On this website, you can ask, answer and post your quires as like Reddit every website has a content policy that you need to follow.

The popularity of a quora website worldwide is very high there are almost 579.80 million of people are visiting quora forum websites monthly. the global rank of the quora website is #62 country rank in the united states is #46 and #2 is their category rank.


XDA-Developers is the best forum website. this website is a multi-categories forum website the benefit of the best forum website is that you can get high-quality do-follow backlinks XDA-Developers covers all of the topics on tech, android, windows, etc.

This website ranks worldwide in the categories of computer electronic nad technology global ranks #3,223 and country ranks #1,238 in India and #120 categories rank in all over the world XDA- developer best forum website gets 19 million traffic from worldwide.


Warriorforum is a message board website like Reddit and quora but on this website, you can find all of the questions about digital marketing so if you are doing digital marketing then this website you can get much help regarding internet marketing, etc.

In the category of computer electronic and technology, this website ranks #1705, and the worldwide rank of this website is #158,128 and #100,124 country ranks in the USA this website almost get 362.70k traffic from all over the world.

H-educate forum

H-educate is an educational website where you can find forum submission categories you can talk with other people and share your link give all of these websites are 100% free to use you can find many other forum websites on the internet but you need to purchase their premium plans to get started.

H-educate is a professional forum website where communities can help you to solve your quires. this website ranks in the computer electronic and technology categories ranks #853 global ranks #211,014 and country rank #41,454 in turkey almost getting 227.80k visitors from all over the world.


All of these forum websites are the most popular in the world and 100% free to use without any charges you can use these forum websites to build high quality do follow the backlink of your website for free I hope you will know about the Top 5 best forum websites list in 2022 choose one of the websites or you can work on all 5 websites.

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