Top 5 Passive Income Ideas To Start In 2022

Are you tired from doing a job of 10 to 12 hours daily and still can’t achieve your dreams in this article you can find how to generate passive income with no initial funds but first of all you need to know about what is passive income and what is the best passive income sources which help you to generate maximum revenue.

In this article, you get information about income ideas where you can earn money on a monthly base and these ideas will become your passive income.

What is a passive income?

Passive income is a source of income where you can earn money without doing work on a specific timetable. Passive income is a source where every month you can get proper revenue without doing any hard work or a job.

Top 5 smart passive income ideas

With the income ideas, you can make more money by spending less time you can also give time to your friends and family that’s why in the online field most people have passive income sources.

Start youtube Channel

Starting a youtube channel is the most profitable income idea for beginners. If you have knowledge that you can give to others or you are a pro player in games, want to entertain people by uploading videos.

Youtube is the biggest platform where you can share your skills and you can earn thousands of dollars monthly this is your lifetime earning you just only need to start a youtube channel.

Run a Blog

Starting a blog is the best passive income idea for students. Creating a blog is very easy you can start with WordPress and In 5 minutes WordPress will automatically create your blog you just only need to do some customization and post articles.

Write some posts when your blog is approved by Adsense then your blog is ready to generate revenue this income idea works for a lifetime just update your blog post daily monthly or weekly and if you are a student you can do blogging as part-time work.

Create apps

If you have coding knowledge then you can create your own app or if you don’t know any programming language then you can find many websites where you can build your app for free without any coding knowledge.

You can create a gaming app or you can research on the internet about what is most popular and trending you can create an app on that topic and publish it on the play store it can cost you $25 for publishing and create an Admob account link with your app and this is your lifetime income.

Sell your photos

If you love to take photos and you have a collection of pictures of nature, pets, trees, flowers, etc then you can sell those pictures on stock photos websites and earn passive income on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You can find many websites on the internet which allow you to sell your picture and get paid when anyone likes and save your image Shutterstock is the biggest stock photos collections and selling website you can sell your pictures on photo selling websites when someone saves your image you get $1 to $10 on each image.

Invest in stock

When you see the world’s richest people like Elon musk, bill gates, warrant buffet, etc you can know that the stock market had played a big role in their life warren buffet reads thousands of stock books to better understand the stock market.

You can start investing in the stock market for as little as $100 but remember in your mind first to research the most popular coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Solana, etc check their market capability and their 24-hour price graph then invest.

NOTE: If you don’t have any knowledge then don’t invest in crypto it could cause a loss of your money first learn about crypto and stock markets you can find many videos on youtube.


This is a detailed article on the best passive income ideas which you can start without money or with a small amount of money you can find examples of passive income with these income ideas you can easily start work from home.

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