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NEW DELHI: It’s no secret that Indians are some of the biggest buyers of luxury products across categories today. And, they are also among the youngest in the world when it comes to buying sports cars, such as, Lamborghini. Globe-trotting Indians are today buying super cars across countries as many navigate corporations and enterprises from multiple geographies.
Stephan Winkelmann, global CEO of the Italian sports carmaker, told TOI that at under 40 years, the bulk of buyers in India are among the youngest compared to developed economies.”Our customers in India, rather in Asia, are getting younger, and are under 40 years. In the US, large part of our buyers are between 40 and 45 years, while at above 45 years, Europeans are the oldest to purchase our cars.”

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Winkelmann, on a visit to the country where he met partners, group officials and potential customers, said while sales numbers in India are still very low – Lamborghini sold 103 cars in 2023 against 10,000 units globally – the country holds massive potential.
“The awareness of the brand is incredible here, which has improved over the past few decades in a way, which was unexpected before. So, when people approach our brand, they not only have awareness because of us or what they gather from the social media, but also from what they get from across the globe where knowledge about the brand is extremely high and growing.”
The Lamborghini CEO said in a unique trend, there are many Indians who are buying cars not only within the country, but also for their homes in the UK, America, Dubai and in Southeast Asia. “This is something peculiar to the Indians.”
Also, he said people today are more forthcoming in experiencing sports cars from the brand against the trend earlier. “In the past, customers were afraid to step into such cars, but this has changed. Today, everybody realises how easy it is drive the cars or how easy it is to handle them.”
Asked whether Indian buyers are as demanding as those in the West when it comes to splurging on personalisation on their cars (which are retailed upwards of Rs 4 crore), Winkelmann said it is the case. “Yes, yes they are. One of the key elements of luxury customers in general is to have a high degree of personalisation. And, this is something across all the countries we are in. We have more than 400 colours, and offer a lot of opportunities in terms of leather, stitching, piping to getting your car individualised in a way that there is not a similar one out there.”
Lamborghini has been experiencing one of its strongest periods in terms of demand, something which was attributed to ‘revenge buying’ of luxury after Covid where people followed the philosophy of ‘You Only Live Once’ or YOLO. Winkelmann said demand continues to be robust. “We have an average of 18-24 months of waiting around the world. The Huracan and Urus are sold out. We are waiting for new cars to come. We are in a good position.”
However, he adds that the Covid rush may have waned down. “Today, it is different. We now have much more young people around the globe who are able to purchase such cars. There is much more opportunity and a lot of cash ready to be spent. There has been a lot of wealth across the world.”


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